Wednesday, 30 August 2017

White Witches come hither

What does it mean to be a White Witch? 

A few years ago, when I started my "Gothic White Witch jewellery" range. There was very little information on what was a White Witch. Today I see that there are quite a few new articles on being a witch that is white.
It is definitely not in sense that you have to have pale skin. Quite the contrary, you can be born in any country around the world. But you have to have the following qualities:-

The powerful spirit around us.

A White Witch is inherently good. They do not worship the devil or perform black magic. They do not practice killing chickens or other small animals on an alter - in the stupid belief that it will make their spells or wishes come true. Being a White Witch is about being essentially good; and going back to some of the Pagan beliefs that we all once had. Be respectful of nature and the natural elements that controlled our lives.
The sun was once worshiped as a God. Without it we are all doomed. Too little and crops do not grow and we don't make enough vitamin D in our bodies. The wind and rain were once worshiped as Gods in their own right. Trees, mountains, volcano and the sea were Gods of old. I am however saying there is no need to build alters then bow and scrap to them. We now know that they are elements and natural phenomenon. But just be respectfully, individually of their power and the fine tuned balance that nature has on all of our lives.
The moon is beautiful element that shines in our dark night skies. It is not there to be prayed to. But a powerful symbol, that can be used for quiet contemplation and also to make a wish in times when all seems lost. I have made two wishes at night looking towards the moon in my life. Both hopeless times, when it looked as though I could do nothing about the situation I was in. Both times my wishes were answered.
A White Witch believes that there is something very powerful all around us, that has the ability to change our lives. It is not a god in the sense that is much worshiped by the religions started by men. With their rules and regulations on how to behave. But an inner and much powerful spiritual being that has no defined boundaries or the destruction that comes with the worshiping of one god within known religions.

Believe in nature.                

The belief that a balance of nature is at the heart of our lives and we must respect this planet. Humans once revered nature as being the true Gods and Goddesses. For them it meant life or death, food or no food. If nature such chooses, it can mean disasters on a large scale or small. A White Witch has that inherent belief that we have to do our utmost to cherish nature and treat it with the high respect that it deserves. That means that we need to be very careful on what we do to our planet. This has to some respect the knock on effect of some of the damage done by too much rain or too high temperatures.  We are part of a cycle of nature, we live and ultimately die. Our planet has a cycle of life. And my belief is in that the extreme weather we have experienced over the last couple of decades, is just part of this planet's cycle and something we have to adjust to quickly. This means recycling our waste. Our planet's resources are not a bottom less pit. Don't cover our earth with concrete and bricks - rain has to filter down some where. Grow plants and food - even if you only have a windowsill. I have grown tomatoes, peppers and herbs on a windowsill, when I had no garden of my own. Plants filter the air we breath and are important for our life cycle. 

Common sense.

A white Witch uses common sense and looks for an alternative way to treat common aliments. Too many people misuse the health services we now have. A slight knock or bump and cough or cold. They need to see a doctor.... Instead of looking for a method of treating their own symptoms and using their own common sense. Many of our ailments can be cured or relieved using natural herbs, fruit, vegetables and common food available.- honey, lemon, lavender, arnica and others for example. Drugs are derived from many natural substances and unfortunately the drug companies make a lot of money from packaging it up in little pills and potions.

Some things we can not explain.

Things happen for a reason. We may not like it at the time. But we have the ability within ourselves to grumble about it, get mad for a short while. Then pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down then continue on stronger than before.  Ghosts and spirits are something we can not explain. It does not mean they are not there, but that we have no scientific explanation yet. A White Witch has this belief that ghosts and spirits do exist. A belief in an essence of a former life that is now extinct. This essence is at some time able to interact with a person and appear or show them something specific.  Being a White Witch means that you are open to believing, that not all can be explained. 

A White Witch in today's world.

Long ago, a White Witch would have been the towns healer or good-woman. The woman that attended births and deaths. Helped heal the sick then made potions and lotions Nowadays we have professionals that take on these jobs, many are still White Witches in a sense. You do not have to be part of a "coven". A big group that meet to explore their beliefs. You can be a practicing individual. You can come in all guises and may not call yourself a witch. However it is just another label and one that can give you a sense of fitting into a group. Something that we all inherently need at times.

The beauty of being a White Witch is that you can be just yourself.          

Monday, 7 August 2017

Dare to be a little different

Dare to be a little different..

Hemlock and Rose is our newest website for buying Gothic and alternative jewellery from the UK. Our expanding selection has skull, fairy, kitsch, Steampunk, vampire and all manor of unusual accessories to choose from. It also is the only website that sells Gothic White Witch jewellery.

dare to be a little different vampire

We love our new look .. Do you. 

We want our jewellery to be fun and affordable. With handmade, brought in and sourced from vintage/pre loved.. So it is not just your usual Gothic shop.
Look out for our newest additions in Gothic and funky necklaces, bracelets and earrings..

See you soon for more news from Gothic White Witch...


Saturday, 13 May 2017

The White Witch loves jewellery

This week the White Witch loves jewellery..

So much that she has been busy creating a whole new website for some of her Gothic jewellery. Hemlock & Rose has changed to now just selling great and different accessories.

Out came the cauldron and a pair of clamps. Then the sorting through the chests of beads. Whilst one of her coven witches climbed into the chain store and between them, they started to make bat brooches and other jewels.

Mixing some fabulous spells and a little magic. The website is coming together with care. take a look and tell us what you think?

Back soon with some more news ...