Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Introducing Fred and Bert my Zombie dolls

Well I was a bit bored and so made these two Zombie dolls, Fred and Bert. I had grabbed a bag of craft bits and my sewing box to go stay at my son's flat. So using some pipe cleaners and my limited imagination I created these zombies. No I wasn't watching Walking Dead at the time but the scraps of grey and blue material - wasn't fairy bits that I had my first thought to make. So let me introduce them....

Starting with Zombie Fred. Flat cap all a mess with eyes covered by long hair. Yes hair and nails continue to grow after death. Just for a short while though. Before the body starts to deteriorate and rot. He has his arms wide open to catch you and eat you. At some point he has injured his leg and is dragging it behind. He only went to the supermarket to buy some crisps and a sandwich for lunch and this happened!

Now here is young Zombie Bert doll.

Legless Bert, must have had it eaten by other Zombies, but you can not keep a dead Zombie down no matter how many bits are missing!. Young Bert - short for Albert as the "old fashion names" are making a come back today. Was working in a well known supermarket when he met his demise. Now teaming up with Zombie Fred, they roam the supermarket aisles and car park looking for more food. - You.

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