Thursday, 6 November 2014

Do you collect Halloween junk jewellery

With Halloween over for another year. You will be thinking about keeping the outfit you wore this year's party or not. Most get a new costume each Halloween - that's part of the fun but what about the junk jewellery that you may have accessorised yourself with. A couple of years ago I brought some fun Halloween stuff at the 99p and £1 shops. I just wondered on what you could get really cheap at less than a pound and very tacky. If you do not know I love tacky not to wear but just because its fun jewellery not to be taken seriously. So I inevitably started a Halloween junk jewellery collection.

First there was this flashing spider brooch in black and gold. Great for pinning to your shoulder and scaring arachnophobics. The flash worked last year but not this. Pity but its still so........ hairy.

 Then there was the kitsch and yes child's witch necklace. Well we are all big kids at heart! Bright pink and black colors just what is needed for Halloween.

This elasticated pink and black bead necklace with a witches face pendant is really cool (well after a lot of Halloween punch that is) What do you expect from cheap and tacky. But whatever it went into my Halloween collect.

Now I am not sure I look like this in my black hat and red lipstick! Then there was the magnificent pack of rubber monster rings. I could not resist for 99p a real bargain.

There were 9 rings in the pack, with one of the monster ring repeated. So for scary devils in black to skeleton skull faces and grottiest monster to wear all together (9 finger!!) or just a few. These rings are a must for Halloween. What funny, really cheap and tacky jewellery did you buy to wear for this Halloween? 

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