Saturday, 9 August 2014

There are more to roses than love

Roses are most associated with love, yet there are so much more to them in history and mythology. Actually love was not the first meaning of a rose but joy. Every variety apparently has a meaning and some colors do to.
Did you know that roses that bloom before their season (usually June in the UK) are said to for tell death! Then the Romans sprinkled rose petals over the graves of their dead instead of a hand full of soil as we do now.

In Greek mythology Venus - the Goddess of Love was doing some kissing and cuddling with someone she should not have been with. They were disturbed by the God of Silence (they seemed to have gods for every emotion and occasion!!) Any how Cupid, Venus's son came along and bribed the God of Silence with a rose. So through out history the white rose has been used as a symbol for silence and secrecy. White roses that are carved on the door frames to rooms; meant that they were to remind you, that what ever was said inside the room remained a secret within.

Cupid again was said to be responsible for the red rose. Either because he was looking at a beautiful rose bush and got stung by a bee. then becasue he was angry shot an arrow into the bush causing it to bleed! Well Cupid need to get some anger management or leave his arrows at home!
The other legend is that Cupid again spilt wine on the flower and made them red.

Roses are also the symbol of England. Henry V11 joined the white rose of York with the red rose of Lancashire, as a symbol of unification in the War of the Roses.

This is a pretty pink blush rose that grows in my garden. I usually leave them there to admire or dry the petals for a pot pourri.

Actually all these rose photographs are from my garden. Enjoy them all.


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