Friday, 13 June 2014

Why is Friday the thirteenth unlucky

Just why is Friday the thirteenth so unlucky? Everyone has the moment on this day, when you think its the 13th and its a Friday - I wonder if anything will happen or go wrong. Some people go to the extreme and will not have anything that is important on this day - just in case.
The superstition evolves from the idea that the devil holds his meeting on a Friday with 12 witches. That makes an unlucky 13 people in total. So if you are sat in a meeting and there are 13 of you well...........

Now as I couldn't actually find 12 witches and the devil at a meeting to take a photograph of! This picture is the best I could do. No I can not draw for the life of me - nor can I sing for that matter. But needs must and I needed an illustration of some sort.
So just enjoy this unlucky day - me I am off to the garden with the hedge cutters...................

PS that is a tail on the devil..

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  1. PS Its now the 14th and still intact, no mishaps yesterday at all!


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