Thursday, 12 June 2014

What would you do if you had magic

Yes, what would you do if you had magic? Well I would certainly stop those annoying comments from people who are targeting my blog posts. Trying to leave links to get you to click onto their web page. Promising loss of weight by injection, tablet, herbal tea, blah, blah ,blah... Just eat healthily and less as well as get more exercise - I know a so easy solution but hard to do in practice. Or become years younger by choosing their so called "clinic". Even though your face will look really artificial, stretched and false; because after going under a dubious and questionable (probably not a qualified doctor) surgeons knife that costs just loads of money. Its never going to be a long term solution, age will always catch up with you again and you'll probably get infected any way. What's wrong with growing old gracefully and looking less like a stretched plucked chicken!!!

But what would you really do if you had magic?

Make someone love you?

Magic riches and wealth?

Turn someone really annoying or horrible into a snail or frog?

Wish for your life to be better some way or other?

Me, well I believe things happen for a reason and the universe has a way of taking control. Material things do not really matter and often complicate your life. Love will happen and if its not right then it was never meant to be. Being wealthy is being healthy and we can do a lot about this ourselves by eating right and staying active. Live simply and make the most of your time on this earth and stop worrying.

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