Friday, 9 May 2014

How long can you keep a pumpkin?

Now how long can you keep a pumpkin? This question has never crossed my mind before this year. But last October at Halloween the pumpkin that I had grown, didn't get used. I put it on the side in the kitchen with visions of pumpkin soups and pumpkin pies.(it is a big pumpkin) but again it never got used. Too much going on and a lack of activity in the home cooking department!!

So here it is now May 2014 and I picked this in early September 2013. Haven't a clue on what variety as brought a single pumpkin plant for 50p from a car boot in late May last year. Not the bright orange variety but a creamy yellow color. Its big about 15 to 20 lb - never got round to weighing it either!!

Not bad looking considering that its about 8 months old. Don't fancy using it for cooking and the seeds may not grow true to form as I don't know the variety and if its an F1 hybrid they won't. So at the moment its decorating a corner of our garden. Any better ideas?       

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