Saturday, 31 May 2014

Last day of May and For Get Me Nots

Yes its the last day of May and as this lovely month draws to a close. I have decided to look backwards instead. The weather has been mixed from being warm and sunny enough to get a tan to being cold, miserable and yes wet, wet wet! However this year, we have had a garden full of For Get Me Nots. The tiny blue flowers have been in abundant. I did try last year and pull them up. But they go where they want to and so my stone section before the vegetable beds were a mass of blue.

Yes there are a few rogue flowers seeded and growing away nicely (weeds to you and I) They are however an old flower that has the beautiful name of For Get Me Not. Or the botanical name of Myosotis Palustris - which sound like a cross eyed rabbit to me and so they have the reputation of being a flower to show lasting love and loyalty. It is most often seen in sentimental jewellery and on remembrance tokens.  

Dry a few flowers and leaves before they go over and craft them into a pendant or picture. Easy to do - pick on a dry day (we have hope here) Press into a heavy book. I tend to use a couple of sheets of kitchen roll on either side of the flowers as they can stain the book they are drying in. Leave until dry. The color can fade slightly. But a lovely way to remember someone.


Friday, 9 May 2014

How long can you keep a pumpkin?

Now how long can you keep a pumpkin? This question has never crossed my mind before this year. But last October at Halloween the pumpkin that I had grown, didn't get used. I put it on the side in the kitchen with visions of pumpkin soups and pumpkin pies.(it is a big pumpkin) but again it never got used. Too much going on and a lack of activity in the home cooking department!!

So here it is now May 2014 and I picked this in early September 2013. Haven't a clue on what variety as brought a single pumpkin plant for 50p from a car boot in late May last year. Not the bright orange variety but a creamy yellow color. Its big about 15 to 20 lb - never got round to weighing it either!!

Not bad looking considering that its about 8 months old. Don't fancy using it for cooking and the seeds may not grow true to form as I don't know the variety and if its an F1 hybrid they won't. So at the moment its decorating a corner of our garden. Any better ideas?