Thursday, 6 November 2014

Do you collect Halloween junk jewellery

With Halloween over for another year. You will be thinking about keeping the outfit you wore this year's party or not. Most get a new costume each Halloween - that's part of the fun but what about the junk jewellery that you may have accessorised yourself with. A couple of years ago I brought some fun Halloween stuff at the 99p and £1 shops. I just wondered on what you could get really cheap at less than a pound and very tacky. If you do not know I love tacky not to wear but just because its fun jewellery not to be taken seriously. So I inevitably started a Halloween junk jewellery collection.

First there was this flashing spider brooch in black and gold. Great for pinning to your shoulder and scaring arachnophobics. The flash worked last year but not this. Pity but its still so........ hairy.

 Then there was the kitsch and yes child's witch necklace. Well we are all big kids at heart! Bright pink and black colors just what is needed for Halloween.

This elasticated pink and black bead necklace with a witches face pendant is really cool (well after a lot of Halloween punch that is) What do you expect from cheap and tacky. But whatever it went into my Halloween collect.

Now I am not sure I look like this in my black hat and red lipstick! Then there was the magnificent pack of rubber monster rings. I could not resist for 99p a real bargain.

There were 9 rings in the pack, with one of the monster ring repeated. So for scary devils in black to skeleton skull faces and grottiest monster to wear all together (9 finger!!) or just a few. These rings are a must for Halloween. What funny, really cheap and tacky jewellery did you buy to wear for this Halloween? 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

End of season Halloween sale on jewellery by Gothic White Witch

Last chance to buy Gothic White Witch jewellery now available. Its the annual end of season sale for Halloween. Final reductions for clearance of last season's Gothic and alternative jewellery. Including in the sale are a wide selection of Gothic necklaces, earrings, ring and brooches. All are now reduced and last chance for you to own them. Look for the new lines coming soon in November.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

There are more to roses than love

Roses are most associated with love, yet there are so much more to them in history and mythology. Actually love was not the first meaning of a rose but joy. Every variety apparently has a meaning and some colors do to.
Did you know that roses that bloom before their season (usually June in the UK) are said to for tell death! Then the Romans sprinkled rose petals over the graves of their dead instead of a hand full of soil as we do now.

In Greek mythology Venus - the Goddess of Love was doing some kissing and cuddling with someone she should not have been with. They were disturbed by the God of Silence (they seemed to have gods for every emotion and occasion!!) Any how Cupid, Venus's son came along and bribed the God of Silence with a rose. So through out history the white rose has been used as a symbol for silence and secrecy. White roses that are carved on the door frames to rooms; meant that they were to remind you, that what ever was said inside the room remained a secret within.

Cupid again was said to be responsible for the red rose. Either because he was looking at a beautiful rose bush and got stung by a bee. then becasue he was angry shot an arrow into the bush causing it to bleed! Well Cupid need to get some anger management or leave his arrows at home!
The other legend is that Cupid again spilt wine on the flower and made them red.

Roses are also the symbol of England. Henry V11 joined the white rose of York with the red rose of Lancashire, as a symbol of unification in the War of the Roses.

This is a pretty pink blush rose that grows in my garden. I usually leave them there to admire or dry the petals for a pot pourri.

Actually all these rose photographs are from my garden. Enjoy them all.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Why are June wedding so lucky and popular

Just why are June weddings so lucky and popular? Well it first of all gets its name - June from the Roman goddess Juno. She is the patroness of weddings and marriage. Said to bless all the weddings taking place this month - well we only just about made it this month! It is therefore the most favored month for weddings than any other in the Western world.

An ancient Roman proverb says"Prosperity to the man and happiness to the maid when married in June" Mmmmm maybe I should have married in June rather than September!!

Many of our wedding customs have been past down from ancient times. Some are just based on real symbolism and some of long forgotten traditions. These traditions vary from country to country and sometimes area and family traditions can vary.  

Friday, 13 June 2014

Why is Friday the thirteenth unlucky

Just why is Friday the thirteenth so unlucky? Everyone has the moment on this day, when you think its the 13th and its a Friday - I wonder if anything will happen or go wrong. Some people go to the extreme and will not have anything that is important on this day - just in case.
The superstition evolves from the idea that the devil holds his meeting on a Friday with 12 witches. That makes an unlucky 13 people in total. So if you are sat in a meeting and there are 13 of you well...........

Now as I couldn't actually find 12 witches and the devil at a meeting to take a photograph of! This picture is the best I could do. No I can not draw for the life of me - nor can I sing for that matter. But needs must and I needed an illustration of some sort.
So just enjoy this unlucky day - me I am off to the garden with the hedge cutters...................

PS that is a tail on the devil..

Thursday, 12 June 2014

What would you do if you had magic

Yes, what would you do if you had magic? Well I would certainly stop those annoying comments from people who are targeting my blog posts. Trying to leave links to get you to click onto their web page. Promising loss of weight by injection, tablet, herbal tea, blah, blah ,blah... Just eat healthily and less as well as get more exercise - I know a so easy solution but hard to do in practice. Or become years younger by choosing their so called "clinic". Even though your face will look really artificial, stretched and false; because after going under a dubious and questionable (probably not a qualified doctor) surgeons knife that costs just loads of money. Its never going to be a long term solution, age will always catch up with you again and you'll probably get infected any way. What's wrong with growing old gracefully and looking less like a stretched plucked chicken!!!

But what would you really do if you had magic?

Make someone love you?

Magic riches and wealth?

Turn someone really annoying or horrible into a snail or frog?

Wish for your life to be better some way or other?

Me, well I believe things happen for a reason and the universe has a way of taking control. Material things do not really matter and often complicate your life. Love will happen and if its not right then it was never meant to be. Being wealthy is being healthy and we can do a lot about this ourselves by eating right and staying active. Live simply and make the most of your time on this earth and stop worrying.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Last day of May and For Get Me Nots

Yes its the last day of May and as this lovely month draws to a close. I have decided to look backwards instead. The weather has been mixed from being warm and sunny enough to get a tan to being cold, miserable and yes wet, wet wet! However this year, we have had a garden full of For Get Me Nots. The tiny blue flowers have been in abundant. I did try last year and pull them up. But they go where they want to and so my stone section before the vegetable beds were a mass of blue.

Yes there are a few rogue flowers seeded and growing away nicely (weeds to you and I) They are however an old flower that has the beautiful name of For Get Me Not. Or the botanical name of Myosotis Palustris - which sound like a cross eyed rabbit to me and so they have the reputation of being a flower to show lasting love and loyalty. It is most often seen in sentimental jewellery and on remembrance tokens.  

Dry a few flowers and leaves before they go over and craft them into a pendant or picture. Easy to do - pick on a dry day (we have hope here) Press into a heavy book. I tend to use a couple of sheets of kitchen roll on either side of the flowers as they can stain the book they are drying in. Leave until dry. The color can fade slightly. But a lovely way to remember someone.


Friday, 9 May 2014

How long can you keep a pumpkin?

Now how long can you keep a pumpkin? This question has never crossed my mind before this year. But last October at Halloween the pumpkin that I had grown, didn't get used. I put it on the side in the kitchen with visions of pumpkin soups and pumpkin pies.(it is a big pumpkin) but again it never got used. Too much going on and a lack of activity in the home cooking department!!

So here it is now May 2014 and I picked this in early September 2013. Haven't a clue on what variety as brought a single pumpkin plant for 50p from a car boot in late May last year. Not the bright orange variety but a creamy yellow color. Its big about 15 to 20 lb - never got round to weighing it either!!

Not bad looking considering that its about 8 months old. Don't fancy using it for cooking and the seeds may not grow true to form as I don't know the variety and if its an F1 hybrid they won't. So at the moment its decorating a corner of our garden. Any better ideas?       

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Have a magical Mothers Day.

Today is Mothers day, where all mothers are thanked by their offspring for being a great mom. Now I have always said that a magical book should be delivered along with the placenta. One that tells you all the answers of what to do: Like when they have a temperature - do I call the doctor or just give infant paracetamol and wait and see? Or when at 17 they arrive home completely stoned and tell you about how they feel so ill after smoking dope and they are never going to touch it again!!!!

All mothers should get a medal. A huge shiny one that that says "Moms are usually right" But at the end of the day, it is still the best job in the world and one you would not change (well maybe for a few hours - just for a bit of peace and quiet!).

So Happy Mothers Day Moms

Saturday, 22 February 2014

1990s Gothic Punk Jewellery Rebelion

On listing this Punky Gothic Pewter CND Brooch the other day in our Gothic Jewellery selection. It reminded me of the Punk jewellery of the 1990s. It was not just a spiked and safety pin look that emerged in the nineties but a more grungy "save the world" look as well. This CND or Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament symbol and the female symbol above were very popular in this era.

 It would have been worn with a lapel of a military style jacket and Doc Martin boots. Maybe a little spiked or short cropped hair and black leggings under an oversize shirt or T-shirt.

Pewter brooches like this are still very wearable as well as collectible. Just becoming inexpensive vintage and still have that grungy punky image.