Saturday, 28 December 2013

Winter Solstice sale for Gothic White Witch jewellery

Its sale time and as its the winter Solstice season, we have reduced all the Gothic White Witch jewellery so thats the Fairy and Angel brooches and necklaces, Gothic skull and devil necklaces along with watching eye earrings and rings. Superb opportunity for a bargain as we are planning to clear the way for some brand new Gothic White Witch jewellery and accessories next year.

 Large blood rose cameo pendant necklaces and brooches available.

Diamante Saxon brooch pin with a sparkling Austrian crystal center.

Skeleton twins cameo necklace in pink and black - more Gothic necklaces in different colors available.

Hematite skull necklace on a long leather cord chain.

Small pendant in this Lady Death necklace - again in many different colors.

Unique Dead Elvis necklaces in red and gray colors. Many more great bargains to be had up to half price. Limited editions on most of the Gothic White Witch items. Also more reductions on the vintage jewellery from Jewels & Finery UK.