Saturday, 16 November 2013

Protective charms - the Shamrock

Our lives encompass many protective charms in one form or another. The Shamrock a powerful protective and lucky symbol and plant. This three leaf clover with its trefoil pattern is a known protective device of many centuries. We use it in decoration and in vintage jewellery that we can wear. Originally this emblem is though to be from India used by the triple lunar goddess of pre Islamic Arabic civilization. Then it was found in Wales with the ancient Celts using it as a pre Christian amulet. Its shape had transpired into a Pagan folklore of the Triple Mothers or Mother-hearts.

 Later it was adopted by the Christians. The Shamrock shape is used by the Girl Guides Association for its brooch pins which a fine example of a Christian group using a previous Pagan symbol.
In Christian legend it was St Patrick of Ireland that immortalized the Shamrock as a sacred symbol. Used for weddings and war when protection and luck was needed the most.


Each year on Saint Patrick's day it has been a tradition to "drown the shamrock" Wearing a Shamrock in some form or other like this vintage tie clip or a pendant or badge and visiting every public house within walking or staggering distance and drink liquor to thank the Shamrock repeatedly for its protection.

Nowadays it is in a metal or enamel form and can be found dried and sealed in a pendant or brooch.  

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