Friday, 9 August 2013

Latest Gothic cameo brooches added

Just a couple of the latest additions of Gothic jewellery that we have. They are cameo brooches from Gothic White Witch. There is the novelty black bat cameo brooch and the Dark Angel Brooch. The Dark Angel cameo brooch matches the Dark Angel cameo necklace that is now out of stock. As well as cameo brooches there is a striking Saxon brooch pin all from Gothic White Witch. More to come over the next few weeks from this designer that just loves the Gothic and alternative style of jewellery.

This is the great black bat cameo brooch with a black bat cameo on a white background a bit Gothem City but ideal for Halloween and any other time of the year.

The Dark Angel cameo brooch with the beautiful angel of destiny. Very limited edition to this atmospheric cameo brooch.

The Saxon brooch pin in a large safety pin style. Embellished with a brilliant clear diamante vintage stock from Czechoslovakia. Great to use on a cloak or just to fasten to every day clothing.