Monday, 29 July 2013

Alchemy Gothic jewellery a must to collect and wear

In my opinion Alchemy 1977, the Alternative lifestyle is one of the best range of Gothic jewellery available. Now you will not find any Alchemy jewellery on our website because of two reasons. Alchemy jewellery rarely come up for re-sale and if it did I would keep it rather than resell it. We do have other Gothic and alternative jewellery though.

Alchemy started out in 1977 so plenty of their jewellery and gift wear is now true vintage. It has a huge and changing range from dragon earrings to skull rings. As well as Gothic gift wear with fabulous skulls, candlesticks and goblets. Now if I had my way our house would be more Gothic in decor, but unfortunately I am not allowed because my children complain. Though that has never stopped me before!

Now we have looked at the viability of selling new Alchemy products, but because there are so many other web stores selling it. It would not be a viable move at the present. But I do still love to look at the catalogues and wish we could.

So if your style is pure Gothic, Steam Punk or just a little weird go for the Alchemy range. It will be something that you will not want to part with. It is collected world wide and is of very good quality. More over it is produced by a UK company, which has to be another Brownie point.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Latest addition of spider earrings

One of the latest additions are a pair of spider earrings in a vintage style. Bronze coloured and in good detail. They are modern from the 2000s and previously owned. So you either love or hate spiders! Wearing a pair on your ears is the ultimate!

Hygienically cleaned with a new pair of backs added. They go well with other Gothic jewellery. Have you noticed the size of these little insects in the garden and house! Either they are getting bigger or my home is just a fantastic breeding ground for them. Maybe I should dust more..............................................nah.