Saturday, 8 June 2013

Black jewellery is beautiful

As the Summer Solstice approaches with June 21st the longest summer day. I thought I would look at beautiful black jewellery. It can be worn for any occasion and with any type of outfit. From large black brooches to long black bead necklaces. Black earrings and costume bracelets of course in black.

Here are a pair of 1970s Art Deco style earrings. Dangling black earrings in the Art Deco style that have a great look to them.

Alternative jewellery such as this black background tattoo devil pendant, use a thin black ribbon to turn into a necklace or even a black lace. 
How about a black skull ring of acrylic. These are easy to wear and ideal to collect.

Although garnets are a dark red colour. They show up in certain light as black. Nothing better for Gothic jewellery. This garnet cross ring has a red garnet but in every photograph we took it showed up as being a black colour.

How about these very long dangling black vintage clip on earrings. Very elegant with black beads that are faceted and will catch the light even from candles.

Nothing better to wear black jewellery made from black gemstones with their associated abilities. This is a long black agate necklace. Modern and pre owned but all the black beads are semi precious gemstones.

One of our latest collections is the vintage scarves. This is a pre owned black scarf long with small clear diamante. Just to add a little lift to the accessory.

The black velvet on this opal glass antique belt is fabulous. They did of course have smaller waist sizes in those days. Victorian jewellery in black were often worn in mourning as well as having dedications to their loved ones that had passed away. Look for jet and hair jewellery from this era. 

Black brooches can be in all shapes and sizes. From Victorian in style to birds and this black owl brooch.

And of course there is your black bat brooch. This one is in a metallic black gray colour with small diamante and unusual. Not just for Halloween and can be worn through out the year.