Sunday, 28 April 2013

Gothic spider brooches and all that crawls

One of the beauty of spider brooches on Gothic jewellery is that they can be pinned to any where on your clothing, bags or hats. Many now look realistic or very decorative. Many people have a phobia of spiders so there is nothing better to create that creepy Gothic jewellery atmosphere and give yourself that unique style

On Jewels & Finery UK we have many different spider brooches as well as other creepy insect jewellery.

So here are just a few bugs available.

This is a diamante crusted spider brooch that is quite large and will be superb attached to a black jacket.

This is a vintage fly brooch with a single diamante of aurora borealis which flashes multi colours.

And lastly a black star felt spider brooch by Gothic White Witch - very alternative jewellery.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Do you believe in ghosts?

This is a true story. I know because it happened to me. 

Nurse, nurse, I am dying, the old man rasped and beckoned me closer to his bedside. I was in the middle of the drugs round and so stopped and asked him if he was in pain. He closed his eyes and shook his head, no. His blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration's were all normal. His colour good and so I gave him his antibiotics with his other tablets and helped him drink some water. Pneumonia had brought him into hospital and I reassured him that all his observations were normal. Leaving him with the emergency call button I finished the ward's drugs round.

I was just 21 and as a third year student nurse in charge of the geriatric ward of about 20 elderly and mostly confused patients. Most were not for resuscitation. Deemed "not for 222" written in red against their name on the front sheet in their notes. The consultants final instruction and something that was never questioned.

There was just the two of us, myself and an auxiliary nurse in her fifties. We had a very ill old lady, who the auxiliary had nursed the previous night and wanted to be with her to the end. This elderly lady had no next of kin and no visitors. So while she stayed with her. I did what was called the back round alone. Most of the patients were in bed. I checked them all and settled them for the night. Once again the old man shook his head to pain and did not open his eyes as I checked that all his observations were still normal. Through out the night I walked around the ward regularly and looked at everyone asleep. I particularly watched the old man. His colour was good and his respiration's were normal, as I stood at his side and watched his chest lightly rise and fall. Without waking him I took his pulse. All normal.

In the early hours between 2 to 3 am, the auxiliary came to tell me that the elderly lady had finally passed away. With no one to call, we both went to prepare her body to be taken down to the morgue. After washing her and putting on the white paper shroud. We were just tucking the sheet around her when the long curtains pulled around the bed started to move. It was as if a wind was blowing through the ward. Both of us froze. It was late October and cold. No windows were open and the doors to the ward were locked. It was a precaution against elderly confused at night walking out and getting lost. The key was in my pocket. After a few seconds the wind subsided and the curtains fell still. I knew instantly why. Someone has died I said. The auxiliary just looked at me. We both came out from behind the curtains and began to check everyone systematically. Yes the old man had died in his sleep. To this day, I believe as his spirit left his body. He shook the curtains to say - I told you so.