Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gothic vintage brooch by Myths and Magic (Tudor Mint)

I have to show this vintage brooch from the range Myths and Magic of Tudor Mint. This company was owned by W A P Watson - who also made the Exquisite range of now vintage jewellery.

In pewter and of course the "Grim Reaper" design. The Grim Reaper was also known as death. A skeleton figure who held a scythe. This Gothic vintage brooch is on its original pad and also is signed on the back "WAP Watson".

The Myths and Magic range by Tudor Mint were more known for their dragon and wizard figurines that were also in pewter jewellery. Produced by W A P Watson in Solihull, UK, from about 1989 to the 2007 era. Then the range was taken over by the Xystos Group.

This Gothic piece is now quite rare as we have not seen another like it.