Saturday, 28 December 2013

Winter Solstice sale for Gothic White Witch jewellery

Its sale time and as its the winter Solstice season, we have reduced all the Gothic White Witch jewellery so thats the Fairy and Angel brooches and necklaces, Gothic skull and devil necklaces along with watching eye earrings and rings. Superb opportunity for a bargain as we are planning to clear the way for some brand new Gothic White Witch jewellery and accessories next year.

 Large blood rose cameo pendant necklaces and brooches available.

Diamante Saxon brooch pin with a sparkling Austrian crystal center.

Skeleton twins cameo necklace in pink and black - more Gothic necklaces in different colors available.

Hematite skull necklace on a long leather cord chain.

Small pendant in this Lady Death necklace - again in many different colors.

Unique Dead Elvis necklaces in red and gray colors. Many more great bargains to be had up to half price. Limited editions on most of the Gothic White Witch items. Also more reductions on the vintage jewellery from Jewels & Finery UK.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Protective charms - the Shamrock

Our lives encompass many protective charms in one form or another. The Shamrock a powerful protective and lucky symbol and plant. This three leaf clover with its trefoil pattern is a known protective device of many centuries. We use it in decoration and in vintage jewellery that we can wear. Originally this emblem is though to be from India used by the triple lunar goddess of pre Islamic Arabic civilization. Then it was found in Wales with the ancient Celts using it as a pre Christian amulet. Its shape had transpired into a Pagan folklore of the Triple Mothers or Mother-hearts.

 Later it was adopted by the Christians. The Shamrock shape is used by the Girl Guides Association for its brooch pins which a fine example of a Christian group using a previous Pagan symbol.
In Christian legend it was St Patrick of Ireland that immortalized the Shamrock as a sacred symbol. Used for weddings and war when protection and luck was needed the most.


Each year on Saint Patrick's day it has been a tradition to "drown the shamrock" Wearing a Shamrock in some form or other like this vintage tie clip or a pendant or badge and visiting every public house within walking or staggering distance and drink liquor to thank the Shamrock repeatedly for its protection.

Nowadays it is in a metal or enamel form and can be found dried and sealed in a pendant or brooch.  

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Blood Rose necklaces and brooches romantic Gothic with style

We think these are just bewitching. The Blood Rose cameo necklaces and Blood Rose brooches produced by Gothic White Witch. Just so romantic Gothic with that Victorian appeal. The Blood Rose necklace has a large pendant and looks so striking. Where as the Blood Rose brooch can be used on a lapel as tradition dictates or just do your own thing. Pin to a black ribbon and tie around your neck as a choker. Attach to a bag. Give as a present fastened to a Gothic card. But don't take our word for it just take a look.


Gothic White Witch from the UK, has produced many other alternative cameo necklace and brooches that have a Gothic and unusual look.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lady Death cameo necklaces for eternal love

One of the most recent additions from Gothic White Witch has been the colour range of Lady Death cameo necklaces. Doomed for eternity to appear silent and in skeletal form cameo. Lady Death a once beautiful siren is paying the price of falling for a mortal and attempting to seeking revenge. Rejected by her mortal lover, she sought revenge using dark magic and the Dark Side. The spell going drastically wrong, she is now to spend eternity in her skeleton form on a cameo.

These are just three of the colours available. Purple, green, pink, black, cream cameo necklaces with a small pendant and long silver coloured chain. Pure fantasy indulgence on our part!   

Friday, 9 August 2013

Latest Gothic cameo brooches added

Just a couple of the latest additions of Gothic jewellery that we have. They are cameo brooches from Gothic White Witch. There is the novelty black bat cameo brooch and the Dark Angel Brooch. The Dark Angel cameo brooch matches the Dark Angel cameo necklace that is now out of stock. As well as cameo brooches there is a striking Saxon brooch pin all from Gothic White Witch. More to come over the next few weeks from this designer that just loves the Gothic and alternative style of jewellery.

This is the great black bat cameo brooch with a black bat cameo on a white background a bit Gothem City but ideal for Halloween and any other time of the year.

The Dark Angel cameo brooch with the beautiful angel of destiny. Very limited edition to this atmospheric cameo brooch.

The Saxon brooch pin in a large safety pin style. Embellished with a brilliant clear diamante vintage stock from Czechoslovakia. Great to use on a cloak or just to fasten to every day clothing.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Alchemy Gothic jewellery a must to collect and wear

In my opinion Alchemy 1977, the Alternative lifestyle is one of the best range of Gothic jewellery available. Now you will not find any Alchemy jewellery on our website because of two reasons. Alchemy jewellery rarely come up for re-sale and if it did I would keep it rather than resell it. We do have other Gothic and alternative jewellery though.

Alchemy started out in 1977 so plenty of their jewellery and gift wear is now true vintage. It has a huge and changing range from dragon earrings to skull rings. As well as Gothic gift wear with fabulous skulls, candlesticks and goblets. Now if I had my way our house would be more Gothic in decor, but unfortunately I am not allowed because my children complain. Though that has never stopped me before!

Now we have looked at the viability of selling new Alchemy products, but because there are so many other web stores selling it. It would not be a viable move at the present. But I do still love to look at the catalogues and wish we could.

So if your style is pure Gothic, Steam Punk or just a little weird go for the Alchemy range. It will be something that you will not want to part with. It is collected world wide and is of very good quality. More over it is produced by a UK company, which has to be another Brownie point.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Latest addition of spider earrings

One of the latest additions are a pair of spider earrings in a vintage style. Bronze coloured and in good detail. They are modern from the 2000s and previously owned. So you either love or hate spiders! Wearing a pair on your ears is the ultimate!

Hygienically cleaned with a new pair of backs added. They go well with other Gothic jewellery. Have you noticed the size of these little insects in the garden and house! Either they are getting bigger or my home is just a fantastic breeding ground for them. Maybe I should dust more..............................................nah. 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Black jewellery is beautiful

As the Summer Solstice approaches with June 21st the longest summer day. I thought I would look at beautiful black jewellery. It can be worn for any occasion and with any type of outfit. From large black brooches to long black bead necklaces. Black earrings and costume bracelets of course in black.

Here are a pair of 1970s Art Deco style earrings. Dangling black earrings in the Art Deco style that have a great look to them.

Alternative jewellery such as this black background tattoo devil pendant, use a thin black ribbon to turn into a necklace or even a black lace. 
How about a black skull ring of acrylic. These are easy to wear and ideal to collect.

Although garnets are a dark red colour. They show up in certain light as black. Nothing better for Gothic jewellery. This garnet cross ring has a red garnet but in every photograph we took it showed up as being a black colour.

How about these very long dangling black vintage clip on earrings. Very elegant with black beads that are faceted and will catch the light even from candles.

Nothing better to wear black jewellery made from black gemstones with their associated abilities. This is a long black agate necklace. Modern and pre owned but all the black beads are semi precious gemstones.

One of our latest collections is the vintage scarves. This is a pre owned black scarf long with small clear diamante. Just to add a little lift to the accessory.

The black velvet on this opal glass antique belt is fabulous. They did of course have smaller waist sizes in those days. Victorian jewellery in black were often worn in mourning as well as having dedications to their loved ones that had passed away. Look for jet and hair jewellery from this era. 

Black brooches can be in all shapes and sizes. From Victorian in style to birds and this black owl brooch.

And of course there is your black bat brooch. This one is in a metallic black gray colour with small diamante and unusual. Not just for Halloween and can be worn through out the year.  

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Gothic spider brooches and all that crawls

One of the beauty of spider brooches on Gothic jewellery is that they can be pinned to any where on your clothing, bags or hats. Many now look realistic or very decorative. Many people have a phobia of spiders so there is nothing better to create that creepy Gothic jewellery atmosphere and give yourself that unique style

On Jewels & Finery UK we have many different spider brooches as well as other creepy insect jewellery.

So here are just a few bugs available.

This is a diamante crusted spider brooch that is quite large and will be superb attached to a black jacket.

This is a vintage fly brooch with a single diamante of aurora borealis which flashes multi colours.

And lastly a black star felt spider brooch by Gothic White Witch - very alternative jewellery.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Do you believe in ghosts?

This is a true story. I know because it happened to me. 

Nurse, nurse, I am dying, the old man rasped and beckoned me closer to his bedside. I was in the middle of the drugs round and so stopped and asked him if he was in pain. He closed his eyes and shook his head, no. His blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration's were all normal. His colour good and so I gave him his antibiotics with his other tablets and helped him drink some water. Pneumonia had brought him into hospital and I reassured him that all his observations were normal. Leaving him with the emergency call button I finished the ward's drugs round.

I was just 21 and as a third year student nurse in charge of the geriatric ward of about 20 elderly and mostly confused patients. Most were not for resuscitation. Deemed "not for 222" written in red against their name on the front sheet in their notes. The consultants final instruction and something that was never questioned.

There was just the two of us, myself and an auxiliary nurse in her fifties. We had a very ill old lady, who the auxiliary had nursed the previous night and wanted to be with her to the end. This elderly lady had no next of kin and no visitors. So while she stayed with her. I did what was called the back round alone. Most of the patients were in bed. I checked them all and settled them for the night. Once again the old man shook his head to pain and did not open his eyes as I checked that all his observations were still normal. Through out the night I walked around the ward regularly and looked at everyone asleep. I particularly watched the old man. His colour was good and his respiration's were normal, as I stood at his side and watched his chest lightly rise and fall. Without waking him I took his pulse. All normal.

In the early hours between 2 to 3 am, the auxiliary came to tell me that the elderly lady had finally passed away. With no one to call, we both went to prepare her body to be taken down to the morgue. After washing her and putting on the white paper shroud. We were just tucking the sheet around her when the long curtains pulled around the bed started to move. It was as if a wind was blowing through the ward. Both of us froze. It was late October and cold. No windows were open and the doors to the ward were locked. It was a precaution against elderly confused at night walking out and getting lost. The key was in my pocket. After a few seconds the wind subsided and the curtains fell still. I knew instantly why. Someone has died I said. The auxiliary just looked at me. We both came out from behind the curtains and began to check everyone systematically. Yes the old man had died in his sleep. To this day, I believe as his spirit left his body. He shook the curtains to say - I told you so. 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gothic vintage brooch by Myths and Magic (Tudor Mint)

I have to show this vintage brooch from the range Myths and Magic of Tudor Mint. This company was owned by W A P Watson - who also made the Exquisite range of now vintage jewellery.

In pewter and of course the "Grim Reaper" design. The Grim Reaper was also known as death. A skeleton figure who held a scythe. This Gothic vintage brooch is on its original pad and also is signed on the back "WAP Watson".

The Myths and Magic range by Tudor Mint were more known for their dragon and wizard figurines that were also in pewter jewellery. Produced by W A P Watson in Solihull, UK, from about 1989 to the 2007 era. Then the range was taken over by the Xystos Group.

This Gothic piece is now quite rare as we have not seen another like it.

Friday, 18 January 2013

A little devil necklace - tattoo style

I love quirky jewellery and this Gothic red devil necklace is not exception. Alternate jewellery by Gothic White Witch. Available in red or orange bead finish and each has a leather fastening. Unisex so suitable for male or females.

The beads are vintage to add that something different to each devil necklace. Alternative jewellery and accessory fashion are that something different to what is available on the High street. With its stand out from the crowd style and usually unique statement pieces of jewellery to wear and collect.

Choose from red or orange colours.

In the Gothic jewellery collection on Jewels & Finery UK. You can find both new and vintage Gothic and alternative jewellery to add to your unique look.