Friday, 14 December 2012

Fallen Fairy cameo brooch by Gothic White Witch

The winter solstice is nearly here and we are busy preparing for this important event. With the weather being too cold or too wet, we have had to wait to bring in the Christmas tree and other greenery to decorate the house, so it remains bare. But we hope this weekend will be better!

In the mean time we have this gorgeous cameo brooch by Gothic White Witch of the Fallen Fairy. It is quite large and very striking. Now we have only a couple left as they are made in limited numbers.

We have had an eventful year and have just found this photo of this little chap that was just sitting on our backdoor step in September. Had to move him back to the pond side as our cats are known to chase the frogs and bring them into the house.
Every year we have frogs coming through the garage and trying to get to the back garden. We can only think that they were from the pond originally and still try to migrate back in early spring.  

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