Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wearing a Dark Angel cameo necklace large pendant and chain this autumn

As soon as September came, the nights grew colder very quickly and their is a crisp autumn feel to the early morning. Well as the title says, wearing a Dark Angel cameo necklace large pendant and chain is another piece from the autumn collection of Gothic White Witch. It is official - Large pendants are in and very fashionable. Not that I have ever taken any notice of what is in or out!. Much preferring to wear what I like.

  The Dark Angel seems to float in the night sky seeming to bring the wearer "an omen of destiny". Is it of success or misfortune - then that is for the individual wearer to foresee.  What is your destiny?

A life long believer in that "life is what you make it" Though to help this along and keep bad luck away, I keep a horse shoe by the front door with the open end upwards of course. It is believed that if there is any extra good luck floating bye, then it will fall into the horse shoes and bless the house. Don't turn it the other way as the good luck will fall out. Then to keep misfortune and to counteract any bad spells that may have been cast against you. Have rosemary growing by your door or alternatively a bay tree is another good one to use, these plants are excellent to protect your home. 
This large oval cameo pendant necklace has a cream cameo of the Angel on a black background. All set into a gold metal frame. Long chain of 18 inches completes the ensemble.

The designer company of Gothic White witch has many new pieces in their autumn collection and more to come.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Gothic and blood red rose brooch

One of the latest Gothic jewellery editions to Gothic White Witch jewellery is this striking black red rose cameo brooch.

It comes in a limited edition and is on the large size. So ideal and versatile to add to your Gothic wardrobe. Pin it to a lapel or attach to a black velvet ribbon and wear as a choker necklace. Give as a romantic gift to your Goth partner or buy two and use them either side of a curtain with black ribbon as tie backs.

It has a pewter jewellery setting and a secure safety fastening.

Of course there are many other Gothic pieces available and many more to come.