Sunday, 23 December 2012

The watching eye earrings and ring - by Gothic White Witch

These are brilliant Gothic earrings and matching Gothic Watching Eye rings to wear. Just part of the Gothic White Witch range. Blue eyes that dangling as earrings or stare from on your finger, watching and waiting!

  Blue and black beads with vintage style findings. Called Gothic blue eye earrings and have a drop of about 40 mm.

The Watching eye antique inspired ring is available in an expandable size that is suitable for medium size fingers only.
These two pieces are just a small selection in our Gothic collection. Jewels and Finery UK has a huge selection of vintage jewellery to new that spans over 150 years.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Fallen Fairy cameo brooch by Gothic White Witch

The winter solstice is nearly here and we are busy preparing for this important event. With the weather being too cold or too wet, we have had to wait to bring in the Christmas tree and other greenery to decorate the house, so it remains bare. But we hope this weekend will be better!

In the mean time we have this gorgeous cameo brooch by Gothic White Witch of the Fallen Fairy. It is quite large and very striking. Now we have only a couple left as they are made in limited numbers.

We have had an eventful year and have just found this photo of this little chap that was just sitting on our backdoor step in September. Had to move him back to the pond side as our cats are known to chase the frogs and bring them into the house.
Every year we have frogs coming through the garage and trying to get to the back garden. We can only think that they were from the pond originally and still try to migrate back in early spring.  

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wearing a Dark Angel cameo necklace large pendant and chain this autumn

As soon as September came, the nights grew colder very quickly and their is a crisp autumn feel to the early morning. Well as the title says, wearing a Dark Angel cameo necklace large pendant and chain is another piece from the autumn collection of Gothic White Witch. It is official - Large pendants are in and very fashionable. Not that I have ever taken any notice of what is in or out!. Much preferring to wear what I like.

  The Dark Angel seems to float in the night sky seeming to bring the wearer "an omen of destiny". Is it of success or misfortune - then that is for the individual wearer to foresee.  What is your destiny?

A life long believer in that "life is what you make it" Though to help this along and keep bad luck away, I keep a horse shoe by the front door with the open end upwards of course. It is believed that if there is any extra good luck floating bye, then it will fall into the horse shoes and bless the house. Don't turn it the other way as the good luck will fall out. Then to keep misfortune and to counteract any bad spells that may have been cast against you. Have rosemary growing by your door or alternatively a bay tree is another good one to use, these plants are excellent to protect your home. 
This large oval cameo pendant necklace has a cream cameo of the Angel on a black background. All set into a gold metal frame. Long chain of 18 inches completes the ensemble.

The designer company of Gothic White witch has many new pieces in their autumn collection and more to come.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Gothic and blood red rose brooch

One of the latest Gothic jewellery editions to Gothic White Witch jewellery is this striking black red rose cameo brooch.

It comes in a limited edition and is on the large size. So ideal and versatile to add to your Gothic wardrobe. Pin it to a lapel or attach to a black velvet ribbon and wear as a choker necklace. Give as a romantic gift to your Goth partner or buy two and use them either side of a curtain with black ribbon as tie backs.

It has a pewter jewellery setting and a secure safety fastening.

Of course there are many other Gothic pieces available and many more to come.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Gothic black skull necklace

This is the latest Gothic pendant necklace from Gothic White Witch. A black metallic skull necklace of hematite and leather. This is just one of the unique Gothic jewellery and alternative jewellery pieces that we have on Jewels and Finery UK. Available no where else.
The smooth and cool skull pendant is of hematite also known as haematite. It is a mineral with a high iron content that become shiny, metallic and heavy stones when tumbled.

Hematite is said to open your awareness to the spirit world.It is also said to have the magic to convey power and invulnerability. Also with the said healing function of boosting self esteem. With all gemstones powers have been attached. They are based on the historical evidence of beliefs of the people who used the stones in their everyday living. They may or may not be true but a belief is a powerful imagery that can not be taken lightly.  

Suitable for both men and women. The Gothic necklace is on a long black leather cord of 20 inch or 52 cm and fastens with a silver tone lobster style clasp.


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Introduction to Gothic White Witch

Good morning, this is our first blog post for Gothic White Witch. It would be easy to say we are a small coven of witches with a Gothic outlook - but that would not be true. We are in fact just interested in an ancient tradition of using herbs and plants to improve our lives for the good. The Gothic part is that we like the look and always have done.

So this blog will be about some of the uses of plants and the white witch inspirations with an insight into the Gothic White Witch products available online. It also gives us chance to show case some of the photographs taken in our back garden and on our travels.

So watch this space for we hope something interesting.